Hotel Sky insists it’s not for sale, threatens legal action against property broker

Earlier this week, a property broker named Ash Müller stirred up controversy on Twitter by stating that Hotel Sky, which has properties in Joburg and Cape Town, was up for sale. However, her tweet was subsequently deleted, and Müller explained to her 24K followers that she had received legal threats from the hotel. Müller emphasized that she conducts thorough fact-checking before posting any comments on her social media accounts and possesses official documentation, including correspondence, financial statements, and authorized marketing material, to support her claims. She assured her followers of the existence of this evidence, even though she did not feel it necessary to disclose it.

The day after deleting her original post about Hotel Sky, Müller shared a link to an article from Property Flash titled “Hotel Sky Sandton looking for a buyer.” According to the article, an unnamed source confirmed the news of the hotel’s sale. Property Flash had approached Paul Kelley, the spokesperson for both hotels, who acknowledged that as a private company, they occasionally received inquiries about the business’s performance and potential sale. Kelley stated that they would consider offers like any other private business.
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Hotel Sky, known for its robot staff, was quick to respond to Müller’s updated tweet. The hotel issued a statement on social media, emphasizing their unwavering commitment and denying any intention to sell. They contradicted Müller’s claim and reassured their patrons that they remain dedicated to delivering extraordinary experiences.

Some potential guests expressed their disappointment with the way the hotel handled the situation and questioned whether an apology would be issued if Müller provided evidence supporting her claim that the hotel was indeed for sale.